6 words make a difference

What truly matters to you?
Can you describe it in 6 words?

We are at a point in our history unlike any other: on the one hand, seemingly endless news of wars and hate crimes; and on the other, lightning-fast communication in real time, where very personal updates come to us in the form of tweets and SMSes.

And then there is the What Truly Matter In Six Words Movement, that challenges us to redefine our lives in short but meaningful phrases. It was launched by Morning Star Community Services, a welfare organization that seeks to enrich and strengthen families. The website extends the platform to all walks of life, so anyone can express their thoughts, hopes, and goals.

These six-word phrases are personal compasses; reminders of what is important, empowering the writers to make positive choices on how they want to live their lives. www.whattrulymatters.sg showcases inspiring stories and photos shared by people who have responded enthusiastically to the movement.

On the corporate and professional level, the Defining Moments program brings the What Truly Matters in 6 Words movement into offices. Through organised sessions, participants come to define priorities and passions; enabling them to be more productive and fulfilled individuals at home, at work, and in their relationships.

So what gives you joy? What are your hopes, dreams and fears? These are some questions that help you articulate what truly matters to you. It could be a catalyst that may prove life-changing.