A Saintly Dish for Every Day of the Week

Luke Otter aka Hungry Ang Mo – Born and raised in Manchester, England.  Luke moved to Singapore in 2008, and quickly became captivated by the local food Singapore offers.  Luke, a vegetarian since 11 years old, launched his vegetarian food reviewing website in 2009, and has reviewed over 170 vegetarian eateries and counting!

Since I launched my vegetarian internet blog back in late 2009, hordes of people have asked me “What are the best vegetarian dishes in Singapore.” Without further ado, I have distilled the best of the best of the very best from the hundreds of vegetarian eateries in Singapore to produce a shortlist that highlights the dishes that truly knocked me off my chair when I was eating them.

They are the dishes that I believe every carnivore, herbivore and omnivore owe it to themselves to guzzle down and order a second serving. Vegetarian food is typically viewed as bland and boring – Not true! I hope we can all go hunting for these dishes and discover that there is more to vegetarian food than a plate of kai lan or potatoes on the side.

Download the list of saintly dishes here!