Connect with Good Paper

Do you want a really COOL volunteering experience!

Join us at Scape on 26 November for International Volunteer Day and we will give you a GOOD reason to talk to anyone that interests you, tell them what excites you and hear what they have to say about themselves. Here, you can connect with organisations that matter to you and use this event to springboard yourself into your passion.

EXCITED! Email us at

Do you want to meet some really COOL volunteers?

Share your stories of doing good well, whether it be with your entrepreneurship, your innovation, your volunteering or your donations. Show us what you got and blow us away! Meet the passionate individuals in Good Paper and find out why they choose to get involved. Discover the secret sauce that keeps us going every day.

Find us at our booth. Alongside with us will be products from Mother and Child Project, sewn and made in Singapore by disadvantaged mothers, up for sale.

We will love to see you at the really awesomely super duper COOL place to be on 26 November!