Creating Yourself

Imagine a large parchment laid out on the floor.
You are stretched over this canvas, in hand is a paintbrush which forms a 90 degree angle with the floor.
You draw a small circle with the tip of the brush.
Then you fill the circle to make a solid dot. That is one dot.
Then you do another dot exactly the same way.
Then another.
Then another.
Then another.

Then another.

A mosaic comprising of hundreds and even thousands of dots you have been inking. It begins to look like pastel coloured vision of “The Matrix”’s iconic green cypher colour code. The latter’s pulsing fall down elements has its counterpart in the variations of the colour tones on display in your mosaic. It is a image of a sun that occupies the top of the canvas.

By now, you are so good at brushing in these dots, it is as natural as walking. A thousands dots paint a single picture. You complete the picture and hold it up, yes it is a sun. It has its space, it has its place. You have created a world out of one single act repeated many times. You lay out another piece of parchment on the floor and you choose a watercolour for its expression of energy. Then you inscribe a circle. You fill in the circle to make the first dot on this sheet of paper. Then you paint another dot exactly the same way. Then another. Then another.

I asked Vanessa what is the secret sauce that makes collaborating with artists a success. Yes, some artists are disorganised, but generally coming from a position where you believe in them and their vision is an important step for building great working relationships. Vanessa’s own father is a lawyer who asked her to study fine arts, because he believed in her and that was the inspiration and belief that moved her from following him into law and branch out on her own path.

Vanessa’s art is a reflection of who she is as a person and by looking at her works; one can begin to perceive who she is and how she functions.

Likewise, one can use her art to reflect upon yourself and learn about yourself.

Can the shape, the colour, the emptiness and levels of perception be used as a as a metaphor for your life in some way.

What are the insights and parallels you draw from them?

Vanessa Blaikie’s exhibition is on at Collectors Contemporary until 11 June 2011.

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