Entrepreneurs, Lords of the Pen

by Guillermo Beringuel, Jr.

The advent of internet and advancement in technology have paved the way for tremendous growth of entrepreneurship. The web has made it possible for business-minded people to use the power of the internet to showcase their skills and products. Bloggers abound and even entrepreneurs themselves write their own stuff and market themselves online.

At Epiclaunch, a blog for young entrepreneurs, Jack Liu, a Washington based entrepreneur and writer, wrote “Writing is a very important skill to have as an entrepreneur,” He emphasised how significant writing is for an entrepreneur, particularly in the areas of business planning and online networking. Writing skills are useful in producing marketing collaterals and other related promotional tools such as newsletters, brochures and online journals.

Over at Powerhomebiz, Lyve Alexis Pleshette stated that “It would be extremely helpful if you possess excellent written … communication skills to help you sell your products and services… You need to write ads, press releases… about your business. Starting a business is a time to get out of your timid self and begin to aggres- sively market your venture. That’s the only way you can succeed.”

Like Jack and Lyve, entrepreneur and writer Ryan Waggoner believes writing is a skill an entrepreneur should hone. “If you want to become great at marketing, there’s one skill you need to study and hone above all else: copywriting.”

“No matter what kind of entrepreneur you are, in what industry, business consists of persuading someone to do something…Copywriting is simply writing that persuades the reader to take some action.” Ryan added.

With so many entrepreneurs citing writing skills as key to a successful business, it does make a strong case for developing and practicing writing skills to support your journey as an entrepreneur.