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It has been 4 issues so far.

Volunteering: It is not about picking up rubbish and accumulating points. Unlock your passion and explore the many different ways you can volunteer.

Social Entrepreneurship: Let us all get rich together. Experience the thrill of running a business which is creating better lives for everyone who is involved with your organisation; customers, employees, suppliers and the general public.

One Planet Edition: The natural side of Singapore, rarely seen and pretty amazing. The beauty of Singapore is that nature is so conveniently accessible.

Social Innovation: The issue you hold in your hand. Creating innovative solutions that transform society and blow your mind!

It would not have been possible without your support
The men, women and children who shared their stories to the photographers, designers and illustrators who brought them were the starting point. Behind the scenes were the people who coordinated the physical edition and the website and made sure that Good Paper was made available at distribution outlets were vital. The shops, the cafes, the schools and the networking events are key in sharing process. We are thankful for everytime someone mentioned Good Paper, because we never needed to spend a cent on marketing. Finally there is you.

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Going Forward

We will continue to update our website and we will be creating more themed editions next year. As a community newspaper, we bring you the best that Singapore has to offer and sprinkle it with the great stuff that is happening overseas. Your support is vital because you are the community that we serve.

Good Paper is meant to be used create action for the social good and we look forward to continuing this.

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