Give Gift Art & Crafts

Give Gift Arts & Crafts is a Singapore-based online store started in 2009 as an online business specializing in handmade gift items. Give Gift does not have a brick and mortar retail store – the internet is its home. Each and every one of Give Gift products is handcrafted with fastidious care and attention to details.


The founder, Lilis Lim, is an enthusiastic handicraft lover who takes pride in her creations while continually seeks to perfect her craft. “Arts and crafts are my passion. Since I was little, I’ve always been hooked on learning and trying my hands on new handicraft projects. To me, handmade creations are unique works of art. I started Give Gift with a hope that I can meet fellow crafters and craft lovers, so that we can share our ideas and promote our passion for handmade arts and crafts.”