Green Prints

Your Cheapest Green Printing Solution

Green Prints is an environmental social enterprise that aims to provide the greenest and cheapest printing solution in Singapore. We believe that going green should not incur a premium but should be affordable to everyone. We are also the only Green Printer that operates 24 hours, 7 days week.

Green Paper Supplier & Distributor

Apart from printing, we supply environmentally friendly paper to Asia, where we are a supplier and main distributor of sugarcane-waste paper, enabling us to lower costs and offer comparable prices to wood paper.

While we also have alternatives such as paper from stone, panda poop, banana plant, coffee plant and red fungus, Sugarcane paper is still the most widely available option in Singapore and Asia.


Peripheral from green printing, we have a green economy consultancy and think tank arm called GreenThink. GreenThink is helmed by Mexican Christopher Cordova, a sustainable development expert, who is widely sought-after by governments in Asia and Latin America.

GreenThink focuses on greening business and institutions, aligning them towards a green economy while leveraging on sustainable development.

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