How to Become a Singer 101

By Samantha Liew, who is interested in expounding the realities of life with beautiful language. She writes in English and Chinese and has worked with the Singapore International Photography Festival and INTAPAC.

How can an average Singaporean with the dream to becoming a published singer reach his/her goal? The Freshmangives some tips.

#1 Identify that this is your calling: When you are good at something, do not deny it as an impossible career. The earlier you identify what you want to do, the better you can be at it.

#2 Hone your skills: Take singing lessons and pick up an instrument. Learn about music by interacting with other musicians.

#3 Perform: Volunteer to perform in school and or at platforms like Singapore Street Festival.

#4 Identify your style: Singing might not necessarily equate to big voices and showy dance steps. A unique style can be refreshing.

#5 Upload your music to YouTube: This is a cheap and easy way to get feedback on your singing and your music.

#6 Take part in singing competitions: This is also a good way to get exposure and experience. Take failure with a pinch of salt.

#7 Create a following: Whether on YouTube or live gigs, if you already have a group of people who appreciates your music then recording companies might be more likely to sign you on.

#8 Keep the faith: There is no surefire path to success, so your faith must be strong to keep yourself going.