If only everyone lived like me!

Oooh! I would need half a world, if I lived in India.
One planet is just right for Myanmar me,
Stealing India’s share is Iran’s great idea,
From Nepal, I believe in ‘buy one, get one free’,
Right here, just 2.73 planets sia,
Green cards require four and half blue-green orbs please.

My data came from ecological footprint atlas 2010
on an internet chart that is rather fine,
1.78 global hectares per capita is the global
total biological capacity, they augur,
Calculating individual countries’ ecological footprint divided by the global biocapacity takes time,
It gave me the number of planets for each country that appeared the first stanza,
Our total footprint consumption per capita is one giga hectare by 2.69,
Exceeding total biocapacity by 0.91 giga hectare per capita, dui ma!

The time for action is now, I am sure you can see,
It is only a matter of time before we break the dam,
There is only one planet that keeps us alive, both you and me,
It would be great if we can still use our lands,
There is a solution that is both beautiful and free,
It is called the One Planet Living Plan.

It has a complete set of documents that are in the cloud,
Including a workbook, a workshop plan and some templates for your ken,
10 areas that has every aspect of living considered all around,
Leaders can support the plan and all will be inspired to make it happen,
And work out an action plan that that will please everybody in the crowd,
One Planet Living will really happen, just only when?

To our one world, this would be your gift,
Such a great deed,
To make it happen in a jiff,
It’s such a breeze,
Only one planet needed to live,
If only everyone lived like me!