Join me on a veggie adventure today!

by Jasmin Lee

For most of my life, I never really thought about what I ate and where it came from. All I thought about was, ‘Does it taste good?’ However, after I started university in 2007, I began hearing about ethical consumerism and about being a conscious consumer of everything from cosmetics, to paper, to food.

I learned that the continuing rise in meat consumption is linked to rising health problems, worsening environmental conditions and suffering for nonhuman animals. Maybe the best idea was not to know at all. For example, once when I was watching the video ‘Earthlings’, I tried to share it with my boyfriend, but his response was, ‘That is why I do not want to watch.’

Being a meat-eater for more than 20 years, since birth, changing seemed impossible. Luckily, I was introduced to an international initiative known as Veggie Thursday – a movement that calls for one to go veggie for just one day every week. That sounded doable; so, after doing a bit of research on the origins of Veggie Thursday, my veggie adventure began.

Going Veggie Hunting! Won’t you join me?

There are plenty of Chinese and Indian vegetarian restaurants and stalls around Singapore. It is fun to try new places and dishes. For me, the very first vegetarian restaurant was Genesis Vegetarian Health Food Restaurant at 1 Lorong Telok, near Boat Quay. Two new vegetarian acquaintances took me there from Raffles Place MRT. The vegetarian breakfast I enjoyed there consisted of a refreshing and aromatic cup of organic herbal mint tea coupled with some lovely cinnamon bread with apple pie for dessert. Yum yum! Did I mention that I have a bit of a sweet tooth?

I could not wait for my second visit to Genesis. But I could not remember how to go there. My companion and I almost lost our way. Luckily, I had my handy dandy… iPhone! We finally reached our destination. This time we ordered their all time favourite, lasagna, plus big wantons, a salad and a 7-Layer haystack. The taste of the food still lingers in my mouth even as I reminisce about that memorable visit to Genesis.

With such appetizing and affordable food served at veggie restaurants, going veggie one day a week has not been difficult after all. And, my boyfriend? He is a gem. He says, ‘Whatever you do, I will support you.’ (Aww!)

Want to do some veggie hunting of your own?

The following will provide some of my tips. But do not depend on me.
It is more fun to discover for yourself!

Veggie Thursday is a project of 29 organisations with a wide variety of goals. And, we are all united on one goal: to help people go veggie once a week, on Thursday or any other day they want. Veggie Thursday here in Singapore is part of an international movement. Visit us at to learn more, sign up for our free e-newsletter and have fun trying new dishes and eateries on Veggie Thursday!

Jasmin Lee is a 23-year-old student, currently majoring in Economics at Singapore Management University. She is an animal lover who adores her pet guinea pigs. For her furry friends, she is currently striving go veggie!