Kranji Countryside Association

The Kranji Countryside Association (KCA) was conceived in January 2005 by a group of visionary farmers wanting to raise awareness about Singapore’s rural north-western corner. KCA’s objectives are to promote local agriculture and food production, eco-tourism, education, recreation and conservation.

KCA introduced the concept of “Agritainment” into the Kranji countryside, and many farms are open to the public for touring. KCA believes that every child should be brought up to appreciate and cherish our natural environment, to understand where food comes from, and to live a life of health and sustainability. We hope to impart a green consciousness to one and all, and to encourage Singaporeans and visitors alike to return to nature and its treasures.

We also believe that the countryside should be a place with a soul, and that challenged Singaporeans should be able to find employment and empowerment on the farms. Join us in our vision to keep this part of Singapore wild, beautiful and caring.