Living on One Planet

What is the story, morning glory?

So you want to go green too! Sure it is the oldest line in the book.

What is the first step? Leverage the local library? Surf several seminars? Consult the consultants?Incubate for inspirations over the internet. What will you use? Scale down Plan B? Extend Sustainable Singapore 2030? Shoehorn Strategic Environmental Framework? Trawl United Nation’s Rio + 20 reports for juicy gems?

All that money, time and effort spent, just to figure what the action plan is going to be. The One Planet Action Plan toolkit is a simple and effective way to start your own sustainability program.

How to use One Planet Action Plan

Want to give it a whirl? It begins with the introduction. Read the introduction and it will tell you to read the workbook. In the workbook you will find out the suggested actions in each of the 10 categories in the One Planet Action Plan, and what it covers.

The beauty of this framework is that it is comprehensive. You want a bevy of bouncy bicycles on the bitumen all year round, you got it. You want carbon crammed in the compost creating creamy loam for your cabbage patches, you got it. You want a monthly durian feast sandwiched between Teochew opera and an Indian belly dance group, you got it. In here, anything you want, you got it.

Using the workbook you can work out what you are doing well, how much water and energy you are using and the amount of waste you create and look at what actions you are doing and what you would like to do. Then you go to your community or your corporation and tell them that you want to become an One Planet Living Community. Invite all the people involved in the project to a workshop. What happens in the workshop? That is where the workshop plan comes in handy. It guides you from A to Z within the meeting. You introduce the One Planet Action Plan to them, get the participants’ buy in and then they come up with all the things that need to be done.

After the workshop is over, write everything up in the One Planet Action Plan Template and the supporting generic action plan sheet. It even comes with a sample foreword from your CEO! Leave your brain at home. The One Planet Action Plan that you create here is your sustainability plan and serves as a guide for measuring your progress. You can use this plan for sustainability reporting and revise it in future as needed.

You want the logo, right? It goes up on your website and it tells people that you are using a One Planet Action Plan in your company or your community. Your reputation goes up. The best and the brightest will love you. Customers who value environmental credibility will give you their business too.

Congratulations. Your children will thank you for taking the first step towards living a One Planet Living Lifestyle. You will also have the moral authority to ask others to live like you. The more people that live within Earth’s means, the more chance we have to make the world our long term home.