Passion for Change

Two artists, social entrepreneur Adeline Yeo and filmmaker Nicholas Chee, express their views on why change is good and why passion is the key ingredient.

What is change?

Change is the only constant. Change is necessary. Change is growth. Change is progress. It is the ability to recognise things that matter, to have a sense of awareness of what’s happening around you, and grasping that space by participation, engagement because they are important to you. Most often, adopting different perspectives, seeing and doing things differently support the transition.

How do you define your art?

Art should speak to the heart. Art should be beautiful, engaging, interesting and at times, mysterious. Art sometimes provoke, and evokes a multitude of feelings. Art should perform all of these whether you are  in high spirits or when you are quieter inside.

ART + CHANGE – What happens?

Deeper awareness, authenticity, greater truths unveiled, new chapters and new stories.

How are you implementing change in Singapore and in the world?

I’m trying to grow a creative class of like-minded individuals who share the same desire for newer possibilities, new perspectives, creative and inspiring projects that resonate with self and their own communities. We nurture them with vision, passion, commitment and talent, and support with resources, infrastructure and network. We want platforms that will rock communities!

What inspires you?

God and miracles. Alongside interesting stories, authenticity, humility, kindness, compassion, genuine smiles, colour, beauty and culture. Good design and good vintage pieces inspire me too!

What is your one great love?

God is LOVE! :) And, MY PASSION and LOVE FOR LIFE. It is the driving force behind all that I do.

The greatest time is….

NOW! The past;  embrace it and love it more for where you’re headed and who you’re becoming and who you’re including, loving and protecting in your life now is going to be the future resulting from your investment harvested from the years of yesterday rewarding you now for your time ahead. :)

If you had one wish, what would it be?

That all my dreams will come true, turning my dreams to realities!
For others, a) knowing the difference between loving yourself and being self-centered; b) recognising the value and purpose of money c) recognising life, meaning and existence.

Complete this sentence: The art of living is…

Knowing that the life you are building is the life you like and love, and becomes the life you own, cherish and colour in this lifetime.

It must be positive, resulting in more opportunities. Talent spotting, because machines will always be machines and they don’t make anything by themselves. People make things happen!

“Think Different, Act Different, See Different!”
A lot of the important and powerful communication medums and tools are non-verbal in nature. If we fail to recognize their importance, our society’s development into the next level will definitely be slowed. FILM or SINEMA Media, is a Social Enterprise that was set up to support the growth of Singapore’s film and media industry.

FILM + CHANGE  – What happens?

To hopefully enter into a new age of spiritual and social awareness for all. There is a lot of change happening right now around the world and as we get globalised and connected – there will also be a lot of “oohs” and “aaahs” in the beginning, the thrill of new discoveries. But as we enter the second phase and that is to reconcile the new discoveries with our “old knowledge” - there will be more “oohs and oh-nos”. And then comes the final phase, where it would be at peace with extreme differences, and that will require a tremendous amount of spiritual development and deep awareness. I hope to use the medium of film to help make that happen.

I’ve always known since from a young age that literacy isn’t just about the written and spoken language. If we fail to recognise this, our society’s development into the next level will be slowed down. At the same time, we are only beginning to realise the importance of arts and culture. It’s a right step forward,  but unfortunately unlike commerce and infrastructure, culture needs time, not money to nurture. Via  SINEMA, I hope that I can make that growth smoother and contribute in areas that I can.
My dream for Singapore? Close the rich/poor divide and raise the standards of living across the board.

The world! It is an ocean of opportunities waiting to be discovered by you!

Social progress!

Being alive! It is the greatest feeling.

To be a catalyst for positive change and create more opportunities for all. And for individuals, to start participating in their communities by giving their time and talents, not just money.

To be authentic!

Out of the many dreams, which ones have you turned into realities? List 3 for me, and your next happy mission following these 3.

Starting LE – Living Experience, a social enterprise and a living platform that celebrates abundant lives, builds psychological wealth and champions a positive movement. I have witnessed genuine change in individuals, found LE Champions and seeing this exciting platform grow everyday with an inspired following!

Starting my art business – taking the leap of faith and being inspired with another brand new chapter! It’s been a wonderful ride thus far! I’m working on a fabulous creative showcase and setting up an inspiring new space where I will be able to work, entertain and play all at the same time.

I’m also set to publish a handbook for women. It’s a self-help and motivational book offering nuggets of wisdom and inspirational quotes, interspersed with first-account stories of our life experiences as women who emerged stronger and successful from life’s trials and challenges.

Next happy mission? I’ve a hand in several other creative projects that will all culminate to support my regional + global vision, life-long dream, passion and zest for Life!

Starting SINEMA. At the same time, my role in SINEMA these days is largely a developmental and motivational one -  I’ve got a great operational team of young positive people with an average age of under 24 years. I come up with new ideas and the team comes together to turn those ideas into small projects and we test out these projects and those that work, we keep, those that don’t work, we review and learn.

I’m also working on building up a content creation team focusing on webisodic drama series for SinemaTV.SG – Because I believe that the time is right for content delivery over the internet  – in terms of viewership numbers. We’re giving ourselves 24 months to bring it up to regional brand and hopefully we can carve out a niche in this exciting sector.