Qi 2011 Meeting of Asia’s Best Minds on Innovation

Qi 2011 will be held in Singapore from 12 to 14 October and will bring together Asia’s best minds on Innovation.

Qi speakers are powerful and engaging. They share personal insights of how they are creating innovative business, social and environmental solutions and where they see future opportunities. Qi’s audience ranges from top-level business leaders, CSR and HR Managers, entrepreneurs, social innovators and journalists. They see first hand how sustainable innovation impacts and changes lives and communities. Qi empowers and inspires its audience to make their corporations, communities and ultimately the world a better place.

We aQieve this through active sponsored online communities and mailing groups specially created for each annual conference of all participants, so everybody gets involved. Participants will receive a guest list ahead of the conference, enabling you to set up meetings in advance and get in touch with everyone you need to. Qi speakers will also benefit from our ‘Request For Help’ mailing groups which help connect speakers on an informal platform aimed at spurring conversation, ideas and assisting each other in long-term relationships, just like the one you have with your best mates.