Simple Jack Out in the World

By Jack, who was a serial entrepreneur who turned serial social entrepreneur. He sees the entire world as a pool of unlimited resources all waiting to help anyone willing to initiate meaningful endeavors. He is happily married with 4 kids and only 1 wife.

In our society of rapid transience where the rules are always changing, work can be so distracting that we often forget what we are trying to do in the first place. Without noticing the pace, our ideals may have evolved into compliance with social norms, trends, fads and fashion that carry us far from our original dream. Many of us end up struggling in a survival mode of working to pay bills and at some point, we simply wonder what life is all about and how we can make it more meaningful.

Our educational system, which should be about producing well-educated renaissance men and women, has meanwhile transformed into a ‘marks factory’. Under high-pressure examination-oriented teaching, our children lose their childhood early as they are deprived of play and learning from trial and error.

Getting it right the first time may be a good quality control system inside a mechanical factory and that can only be best achieved with robots, which are now replacing the workers anyway. To expect and teach kids to be right each time is simply to stifle their innovativeness at the roots.

Humans survive because we are creative and adaptive. We need to experiment with our ideas, without which we cannot create new things. When we are expected to simply follow rules, we deteriorate into frustrated and confused people.

It is time for us to understand the difference between applying Knowledge and applying Wisdom.

How do we grow up without losing our child-like curiosity, innocence and creativity?

This book ‘Simple Jack’ contains simple daily philosophies for us to cope with living in a confusing world.

It is not an attempt to be correct or to be right. It is written as a book of practical tools for practical living in the hope that we can find our centre again whenever we are lost.

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