The ABC of Singapore Shores

By Ria Tan, just an ordinary person passionate about Singapore marine life. Active in marine issues, she regularly monitors about 40 Singapore seashore locations. She runs the wildsingapore website and is co-author of the Chek Jawa Guidebook.


With reef galore, large seagrass meadows, marine mammals, sea turtles…

Banyak (Bountiful) Activities

EXPLORE with the guided tours by Pro Bono Guides

No need to swim, no need to dive!

Chek Jawa
Through public intertidal walks, learn more about the marine wonders of Chek Jawa that was saved from reclamation in 2001.

Naked Hermit Crabs
Look out for a fun monthly guided walks on the Chek Jawa boardwalk.

Reef Walk at Kusu Island
Trained Pro Bono guides from Blue Water Volunteer (BWV) will bring small groups of visitors around a coral reef flat, pointing out the interesting flora and fauna, and sharing stories about ecology, environment and just about anything related to a reef at Kusu Island during the spring low tides. A typical Reef Walk lasts for an hour and a half.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
Our splendid mangroves and wetlands are easily explored on well established trails with great facilities.

EXPRESS by getting involved in Hand-On Research

For everyone

Mega Marine Survey
Known officially as the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey and launched in 2010, a large team of volunteers undertake this first, intensive look at our shores. Surprises during surveys of our mudflats include moray eels, colourful gobies and even a little octopus!

Team Seagrass
Since 2007, intrepid volunteers have been collecting vital data to better understand seagrasses in Singapore as well as globally. Look out for the next monitoring sessions.

For Divers

Pulau Hantu Living Reefs with Pulau Hantu Bloggers
Pro Bono divers have been conducting regular guided dives of the marvelous living reefs of Pulau Hantu since 2005!

Reef Friends Programme with Blue Water Volunteers (BWV)
Since 2003, Pro Bono divers with the BWV ReefFriends programme have been monitoring sites at our wild reefs in the Southern Islands.

ACT by supporting the Coastal Cleanup and providing Guided Tours

International Coastal Cleanup Singapore
It is NOT just about picking up litter!
Since 1992, thousands of volunteers have been collecting data about marine debris. Part of a long-term global effort, the Singapore data hopes to contribute to resolving this ever growing issue.


Singapore’s shores are easy to get to! We forget we live on a tiny little island, with shores all around. And we have lots of off shore islands. Uniquely Singapore!

Where else in the world can you go from a first world business district to a great reef or shore. In under half an hour?