The Art of Turning Your Dreams Into Realities

By Adeline Yeo, Creative Director of Living Experience Pte Ltd, a social enterprise that builds psychological wealth. Their program LE Chi on Canvas marries art and science to allow individuals to rediscover their inner selves and realise their truest potential.

Of life’s pleasures and more, are you a participant or spectator? Are you really, really happy? Artist Adeline Yeo invites you to reach for the impossible.

How often do you dream? Do you dream of a better life and a better tomorrow? Or is your life one of unrealised potential, unfulfilled longings, hidden desires and dreams you think will probably never come true for you?

These are significant enough questions to warrant action and sometimes even change.

To me, the greater the challenge, the greater the desire to conquer mountains and slay the giants that attempt to come my way. I have become fearless. Small victories that lead to bigger victories that lead to ultimate triumphs, have all motivated and fuelled my appetite to fulfill the impossible.

Turning obstacles into opportunities

Truly, it is a battlefield of the mind. The strongholds you once thought were limitations to an abundant life can actually be opportunities to leverage upon. Sometimes, all you really need is for someone to believe in you. Often, that someone is you.

Never cultivating or deploying your abilities in your very own life is great wastage. Convention, stigmas, and commonly-held perceptions take center stage. Eventually, they weigh you down. You seek out social conformity, equating it with social acceptance. Ironically, this stirs up unrest and unhappiness, a loss of power and most of all, authenticity.

Cultivate the best of two worlds

A personal journey of self-discovery must take place on two levels. Its foundation is authenticity, and how one must optimise God-given strengths and talents. The other world must be one that engages your soul - space that belongs to you alone.

The creative and visual manifestation is a personal canvas, designed then outlined and coloured by you. This becomes your life masterpiece. This is how you have decided to celebrate your soul within.