The C.H.AT Pack

By a group of girls from Nanyang Girls’ High School.

In a quiet corner at the basement car park of Nanyang Girls’ High School, you will find two cats having an excited tête a tête while another sits silently beside, apparently uninterested in the gossip session. These three cats are Rawlings, the sole male feline with brown and white fur; Xiao Hei (Chinese romanisation for “black”), a totally black female feline as suggested by its name; and Socks, the other female with black fur and the area around her legs white, looking like she is wearing socks.

In early 2010, under the Community Problem Solving (CmPS) Programme, our group consisting of seven students started a project focused on helping the cats in the carpark. Under the name of “C.H.AT Nanyang”, which is an acronym for “Cats Home AT Nanyang”, we aim to create a better living environment for the cats and foster coexistence between the cats and the school body.

Ever since the cats first settled in the school, teachers have been caring for them. They take time out of their busy schedule to feed the cats in the morning and clean up after them. The teachers also pay out of their own pockets to provide for the cats’ food and medical checkups.

We felt that we should share a greater responsibility for caring for the school’s environment and its little inhabitants.

To counter the problems, we have come up with a solution – to set up a Cat Club. Through platforms like surveys, assembly talks, exhibitions and posters, we have been able to share our project with the current Secondary 2 and 3 students, and were able to gather a group of like-minded peers to join in our cause. In the Cat Club, the students are encouraged to volunteer for duties of feeding or cleaning up after the cats.

Last year, in partnership with Royal Cakes, we organised a fundraising event to raise money for the cats’ welfare. We have also received a sponsorship of 384 cans of cat canned food from Pet Lovers Centre, which accounts for half a year’s supply for our cats.

We have decided to expand on our project till we graduate. After which, our juniors will continue to sustain the efforts and make our school’s environment more conducive for both humans and cats.

If you have any enquires or suggestions for our project, please feel free to contact us or email us at We would also be happy to share with you more about our experiences if you wish to start a Cat Club in your community or school.