The Exciting Fire

Collaborating is the route to the power of many and the fire of success. Business associations to create awareness about farming and movements to secure release of wild dolphins are partnerships that have been possible for years.

Technology has now become so cheap and pervasive that we can turn plastic bottles to t-shirts and consolidate comprehensive corporate reports. The industrial revolution created cheap products through the use of line assembly practices that gave every man and his family a Model T Ford painted in black. With today’s technology, customisation is cost effective, allowing you and me to drink our own personally designed milkshake from a shop and run for our chosen charity.

The internet allows us to access useful knowledge and skills across the globe and easily collaborate with anyone; our customers, our neighbours, our government and our charitable organisations. Innovative new types of partnerships are also possible. Bring museums to the public. Challenge friends to play real life games.

Collaboration and innovation is the language of networking events and meetings that are now happening. From Thinkfest to Global Entrepreneurship Week to Social iCon, the visionaries and the doers are collaborating to create innovative social solutions for the great challenges. Create enough rice for all. Preserve our green spaces. Employ disadvantaged communities.

Social Innovation is the exciting fire of our lives.