Trees n Trunks

By Zulhilmi, the average undergraduate who lives life with no regrets, aims to try everything in the world once, and believes in having lots of fun while helping others!

Trees n Trunks is a Youth Expedition Project (YEP) undertaken by the NUS Rotaract Club, in collaboration with The Green Volunteers, focused on helping the Thai community at large in Chiang Mai. Conservation – both environmental and animal conservation, and sustainability, are at the heart of our project.

This three week long expedition, held in December 2011, encompasses two main components: helping the Karen Hilltribe as well as working with the Elephant Nature Park.

The Wung Kra tribe faces a shortage of clean drinking water, a basic necessity to all human beings. In conjunction with Target 7C of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (halving the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation), we will be working with the tribe to construct a water tank as well as a structure to house their water filtering system, thus providing a sustainable avenue for them to access clean drinking water. We will plant fruit samplings on the grounds of a local primary school, in hopes of providing fresh fruit to improve the diet of local primary school children. On top of that, excess fruit can be sold in order to attain more educational materials for benefit of these students – cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit in the children, expanding their mind whilst providing nutrients for their body.

The second aspect of our project focuses more on animal and environmental conservation, as we dedicate our time and effort to restoring the natural habitat at the Elephant Nature Park. The Elephant Nature Park is a much needed elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre, in a country where elephant abuse is widespread and common. Elephants are forced to take part in logging, or even as objects of street begging. Whilst at the ENP, we would be caring for these rescued elephants, as well as with the daily chores around the grounds. On top of that, we would be doing our part for environmental conservation by planting more trees to restore the natural habitat at the park.

We are hoping to raise $5,000 by December 2011, to cover part of the project costs. Even just donating a sum as small as $2, you will be helping us to plant a tree – either in the primary school or at the Elephant Nature Park.