What Lies Between

By Shooting Home, a unique mentorship programme led by Objectifs, Singapore for emerging photographers, which provides emerging talents with the opportunity to learn alongside some of our most prolific photographer.

‘What Lies Between’ exhibition features the works of photographers who were in Shooting Home last year, and is curated by festival director for the Month of Photography Asia 2011, Shirlene Noordin. Open for Public from 4 to 24 August 2011 (11am to 9pm daily) at The Arts House.

Home and identity take on a different look as they are re-interpreted and explored through the eyes of these photographers. Family, friendship, sexuality, love, heritage and culture are all topics close to the heart. The works in the exhibition are shaped by the photographers’ view of what home and identity are, what they can be, or even what they have ceased to be.

Alfred Ng – Money is the New Religion

This image belongs to a series of work about re-evaluating the relationship between having the authority, being absolute and the idea of compromise.Figurines used in the image were the photographer’s old toys, which depict different characters, ideas and ways of thinking.

A brief introduction to the characters: Mr. A is the authority. Alter E represents alternate views, lifestyles and actions. Miss El is the elite. The average Joes, Pros and Cons are the ordinary folk.

Money plays a significant role in our lives; from global investment to gross domestic product (GDP), daily necessities to death. It is the one thing that we often talk about. Mr. A only focuses on collecting money from his vacuum cleaner, those who are quick-witted, stays ahead of the game while the rest struggle to stay afloat and Alter E tries to outwit everyone with his schemes. After the relentless financial crisis, we are still pinning our hopes on making a quick buck from investments, taking the risk, to feed our greed, vanity, pride and supposed happiness. That said, there’s a saying; money is not everything, but it is impossible without money. We cannot deny that money has a strong following and it shapes our lives. Is money the new religion?

Eneko Ertz – Devotion

This series started as a documentary project on the Hare Krishna people who live in Geylang. By observing the way they express their faith, I realized that their rites and norms are as different and striking as those of any religion. Rites are conventions invented by men, a way for men to express their devotion to God. This sense of devotion of the people is what really interests me. Devotion can be found in any religion. The project has expanded to document devotion in other religions, here in Singapore and elsewhere.

Jeffrey LiamAmah

When I first decided to take on a project about my grandmother, the purpose of my intended images was obvious. It is common desire of any grandchild to want to make memories of their grandmother, a desire that would somehow make one feel “closer” about that relationship or perhaps feel “closer” again in the distant future.

The journey was one of self-discovery as I tried, as much as I could, to pry open my personal relationship with her. It was also a journey dealing with ageing and the denial that we would perhaps grow old someday soon.

Hannah Teoh – Between Wheels and Hoops

Edwin has a disability which is no impairment to living. He moves around independently, and can get into his car unaided. His reliance on a wheelchair does not stop him from enjoying sports. “I’m a firm believer in mental strength,” he said. “If you put your mind to it, there’re no obstacles.”

In documenting his activities, I wanted to show the determination and dignity with which he lives. My heartfelt thanks go to the Khoo family for allowing me to photograph Edwin and for allowing me into their lives.

Benjamin Naef – Backdoor Kitchen (Behind the scene)

Apart from the staff, no one enters a restaurant through the backdoor of a kitchen. The kitchen is a prohibited zone, for “staff only”. We enter the restaurant through the front door and remain in the dining area where we wait to dine on the palatable food. Many of us might think that the place where such wonderful dishes are created must be as pristine as the food is delicious. But those who have crossed the line into these kitchens would have experienced the messy and chaotic environment. This series on restaurant kitchens photographed through the backdoor shows what goes on behind the scene. In a voyeuristic way, it takes a glimpse through the doorway into the kitchen and shows what goes on behind the dining room.

Mark De Winne – Remove, Renew, Replace

Traversing time and being changed by it: We get old. We die. We are replaced by others. But what does the principle of “remove, renew, replace” mean for us when we are already gone?

Min-Wei Ting – Megapolitan

Jakarta is not what you would call a beautiful place. But I was attracted to this lack of beauty – the disorder and messiness, the contradictions and idiosyncrasies.

These images, part of an ongoing series, are not so much a portrait of Jakarta but more a recording of my journey through the city.

Philipp Aldrup – A … ground

“Fallen souls, drifters, the wasted, the waiting and the collapsed, the cheated potential, the hidden materials — from these make heroic and hopeful events. From trash and ephemera make history.” – Phil Smith

Right in the middle of the city, behind the bustling streets and shiny malls, in the wayside scrub lie shabby nooks and crannies. Despite being by-products of urban construction, they seem to resist being a functioning part of an exponentially accelerated system of economic utilisation – at least for now.

Their beauty originates from the lack of use; their attractiveness is the refusal of vociferous persuasion. They resemble virgin nature, with no use for human exploitation, no maintenance … simply existing. They are more than just the slaves and the waste products of that which is functioning. In the future, when nearly everything has been flattened and streamlined into a shiny simulation of reality, they will still embody the impulse for humane alternatives.