Animal Protectors Grant 2011

Do you have a brilliant idea that will help animals here in Singapore? Do you need the funding to get started?

The Animal Protectors Grant is a scheme, established by ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society), by which groups can apply for a grant of up to S$1,500 to initiate their projects and make their dreams for animals a reality!

Absolutely anyone, of any age, can apply for the Animal Protectors Grant! Any group of at least three individuals, with an idea for a project that will have a positive impact on animal welfare here in Singapore, is welcome to apply.

We are currently accepting applications for the Animal Protectors Grant 2011. The deadline for applications is November 30th 2011.

Previous projects have included producing educational children’s books on animal protection, making a documentary on animal welfare, sterilising stray cats and public awareness projects on issues including living in harmony with macaques, the devastating effects of releasing non-native animals into nature reserves and the cruelty of puppy mills.